The best hosting you’ll ever find for your WordPress site.

Best wordpress hosting ever

No, not because it’s the apocalypse and zombies have chewed through the wires of the entire internet – this is the WordPress only hosting you’ll ever need again because I can say “Finally! someone has fucking nailed wordpress hosting!” and that someone that I’m talking about is Kinsta.

Oh my god, what a relief, right!? After being in the web design and dev game for over a decade now, I can tell you that if I actually thought about how many hours of my life has been wasted on dealing with shitty hosting complications, hacks, crap service, downtimes, manual updates or all of the above at once – I would be clinically depressed.

So a bit of back story, I’ve hosted with companies all over the globe for years. I tried Kinsta about a year ago now, after getting frustrated with yet another hosting provider. I knew very little about them at the start and had zero expectations.

Fast forward 12 months, I’ve now been hosting everything with Kinsta for over a year now, and I can confidently say they smash the ball out of the park on every single expectation I have about what good hosting should be.

If Kinsta were a person, it would be like that super trustworthy mate who always has your back and ALWAYS answers their mobile when you need em.

So here’s my list of why you beloved reader should host with Kinsta (P.S. please please please don’t just think this is some sales bullshit, yes I’m an affiliate for Kinsta but that’s because I fucking love this company, not like those sleazy affiliates who just recommend anything with a good commission – In contrast, I use all products I promote and 100% stand by the recommendations you find on this site. Ahh glad that’s off my chest. Now into the reasons…)

1. Kinsta saves you a fuck-tonne of time.

That’s a lot of time right? Think about how much a fuck-tonne is and you may as well just stop reading and just go host at Kinsta. But, for the curious, do read on…

There are so many ways Kinsta has saved me time, from the instant chat support for queries, to the 1 click, scaling, staging and https. Kinsta has all the essential features and they are at least 10x more awesome than any other hosting I’ve used.

Everything just works and is simple to use, it saves you from the usual wrangling experienced with other hosts. If you’re short of time and can’t read the rest, then the fact Kinsta savers you time should be all you need to know to make the decision of who you should host with. 

2. Insanely knowledgeable, super responsive support.

Maybe you’re sick of bots asking you the same questions, or being pushed to a “knowledge base” that never has your answers, or perhaps you’re bored of waiting for ticket responses, been left one too many times on long wait-times on phone support or you’re just plain sick of support from nitwits who know less than you do.

Kinsta’s support in contrast is beyond-fucking-amazing. Their instant chat feature for support is piloted by a team of knowledgeable, helpful and just plain nice support staff.

Kinsta’s support has been flawless, there has not been a single request yet they haven’t been able to help me or our team with. I’ve literally felt elated from the level of support I’ve had from Kinsta’s staff. After experiencing so much disappointment and anger from previous hosts, in contrast, I want to give Kinta’s support team a massive, friendly, non-creepy, big bear-hug. Try it for yourself, help, competency, plus warm and fuzzies guaranteed.

3. Hack-free hassles = stress free devs.

Every WordPress site I’ve built or worked on, at some point, has been hacked by some bored and aimless hacker who wants to cut their teeth on ruining your day, just for shits and giggles.

This usually results in a tonne of stress, especially if it’s a clients site. It goes a little like this:

Your client is blaming you and your complacency, shouting at you or typing in aggressive CAPITALS.

Meanwhile you’re sifting through files and databases, or rolling back to versions trying to save content from vanishing.

Your team work for hours to get the site back on line as efficiently as possible. You inform the client that you’ve managed to salvage 99% of the site and get it back on line.

Your client i sadament the 1% is the most valuable part of the site and hates you forever, takes you to court and wins the rights to your first born child.

Ok maybe that’s a teeny exaggeration, but truly it’s always a fucking ball-ache to deal with any hacked site. Been there, wasted hours my life on fixing them, so please don’t fall into the same trap.

Kinsta has A-fucking-grade security, as they’re hosted on Google Cloud, and there’s lots of technical trickery to help keep your site safe from the trivial hacks that many WordPress sites experience. I’m not gonna nerd-out and telling you about their security, read about it here if you like. Just know you’ll be safe from all manner of bedroom-hackers, so that’s again more of your time saved.

4. Goodbye 90’s admin, hello sexy dashboard.

The Kinsta admin area is awesome, and a pleasure to use. Coming from a design background, I care a lot about this. I cringe (and do a little sick in my mouth) when using dated, shitty-designed Admin areas. And surely I’m not the only weirdo who gets off on good design and user experience, we all do right?

Kinsta’s admin is simple, elegant and all the key features are easy to find and easy to use. We all expect this of modern apps today, so a hosting provider’s Admin should be no different.

You can see a Demo here of the Kinsta admin for yourself if you like, have a look, then feel free to waste some time and go compare this to anything else out there. You’ll then understand why each time I log into Kinsta I get the warm tingle up my spine, like as if you’ve been embraced by a friendly Yeti on a cold winter night…

5. Smart features that you don’t need to be smarty pants to use.

Look I know you’re smart, that’s how you’ve managed to read this far, but that doesn’t mean you should be burdened to decipher someones poor excuse for an interface, that has been designed by a hallucinating monkey using a stick and their own faeces.

There’s a number of key features you need from every hosting admin to ensure your site is fast to load, safely backed up, secure and accessible. You can do all these things on Kinsta like this: Click. Click. Click. Done.

Jumping through the simple steps within the Kinsta Admin will have your site set up and healthy in much less time than you’d expect. Install certificates, automate or manual back up your site, set up a staging site or push your staging site live hassle-free. With Kinsta, experience the stress-free way to set up or work on your WordPress sites.

Seriously don’t waste your energy swearing loudly into the empty vortex of your workplace, save your swearwords for a time when you need to offend someone who truly deserves to hear them.

6. Wait, what?! Free migrations? Get outta here!

Have you ever manually migrated a wordpress site? No? Good. Don’t ever do it, it’s fucking boring. If you have, then you’ve probably had to buy a new laptop after you threw the last one out of the second-story window.

Kinsta saves you from this pain with free site migrations. So you can give your current host that has rubbed you up the wrong way 1 too many times the two fingers and ask the lovely Kinsta team for a free migration right now and save yourself from the pain.

You’re nearing the end my friend…

I could go on with a bunch of other reasons, but you are probably done reading by now. Hell, if anyone’s made it this far I’ll go and buy’s me a straw hat so’s I can eat it.

If you want to nerd out on all the cool geek features, then head over and read ’em here on Kinsta.

So there you go, there are my reasons that I believe Kinsta is THE BEST choice for WordPress hosting, period. It’s a no-fucking-brainer if you want quality, reliability and stress-free hosting at very reasonable prices.

For me, time, efficiency and usability are what I care about, and Kinsta delivers on these.

So take the advice of a 10+ year web developer and the whole team here and don’t waste your time with anyone else.

Or do, I don’t care either, whatevs bro, host old-school style and tinker your life away on the exciting array of things a traditional host can offer you like apache clocking (woo) and installing all your own security (yay).

Personally I’d rather peel pineapples with my arse cheeks, but whatever floats your inflatable boat is cool with me. 

Ahh. There, I’ve just saved countless hours of your life, a bucket load of stress and at least 2 years straight of frustration. You’re welcome.

Do you want to go to Kinsta now so you can stop wasting my life looking at other shitty WordPress hosting provides?

No? (that means you haven’t read the post, go back to the top and try again.)

Need help? How about we set up your next site for FREE!

Don’t know how to set up your WordPress site? Then we’ll do it for fucking FREE. That’s right no gimmick, no shady tricks, we just take an small affiliate fee from Kinsta for recommending their awesome platform to you and they pay us money. Simple.

Why let us set up your site? Because we’ve done thousands of them before and so we’ll do it better than you or that $5 an hour guy you hired from Fivver. 

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